To Survivors, Friends and Queens,

We're alive!

What a wonderful day!


~ Chris

Hope is believing...

...that tomorrow can be better than today

...that you will get another chance

...that you will see your grandchildren get married

...that soon there will be a cure


To my sister Jackie,

I knew I loved you before I ever met you. I was 4 years old when you were born. That was 42 years ago. You were an angel here on earth, so I know you are an angel in heaven. You are in my heart and thoughts every day.


To Kim,

It has been so difficult to watch you go through chemo and radiation. God has given you amazing strength. Each time I look at you I am encouraged. You are dearer to me with each passing day. I will always be here for you.



To Yovonne,

I know you are truly in God's loving hands doing what He wants you to do. I am so proud of you! Continue to do his work with the love and caring that you have shown. I have watched you handle this situation with a resolve that can only be described as "unbelievable". God bless you.


To My Auntie Inez,

Dear Auntee, Congraulations for another cancer-free year, thanks for teaching me how to check myself & to become strong minded like you.



To My 2 Girls,

So happy and proud that you call me Mommy. May I live so that you will know life always!


To Nina,

You are a beacon in my life. You are a wonderful source of enouragement and love. Your friendship is a gift from God. Thank you for your role in my life.


'Your little sister'


To My Sisters,

Thank you for being there for me through the tears, chemo and many many surgeries! I could not have done it without you. I treasure you.We are sisters by chance and friends by choice....I love you with all my heart!

Your big sister,


In loving memory of

Diane Gates.

You fought to the bitter sweet end. You never lost hope or faith. Thank you for showing those of us who remain...HOW I wish I could have known you longer.

You are missed.  RIP

~Your breast cancer sisters

To My Big Sister,

Thanks for being strong, courageous & brave, I consider it a blessing to have you as my sister.



To Yovonne,

~ Bright as the sun in the sky, sweet as honey ~

~ God chose you to be a light among many ~ Young and old ~ Rich and poor ~ Be Blessed!

Your Breast Cancer Sister,

~ Michelle

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HOPE....Pass it on!