The Color Of Pink Breast Cancer Foundation Inc., is a non-profit, 501 (c) (3) organization and all donations are tax deductible. Our tax ID number is 56-2372892. The Founder and President is breast cancer survivor, Ms. Y. Santiago.

Being diagnosed with Breast Cancer proved to be a very trying time for Ms. Santiago.  After being diagnosed with breast cancer she endured chemotheraphy, a bilateral mastectomy and numerous reconstructive breast surgeries. Soon after her diagnosis, instead wallowing in self pity and sorrow, she began to think of others that have been and will be diagnosed with breast cancer as well.   She developed a strong desire and passion to fund the fight to find a cure and was driven to do what ever she could to help eradicate breast cancer, help other young women and others in general diagnosed with the disease.

It was then that she began the work to start The Color Of Pink Breast Cancer Foundation. Her disease became her cause!   Since that time, she along with the help of other volunteers, have conducted public educational and awareness programs, and participated in workshops.  She has volunteered her time with other charitable groups and organizations in addition to accepting many invitations to speak about her experience at various colleges, youth groups, women's groups, associations and corporations.

She relates to others with understanding, compassion and inspiration. She has personally coached and mentored hundreds of women diagnosed with breast cancer.

Sadly, thousands of individuals are being diagnosed with breast cancer each year, the numbers are staggering.  She is committed to funding the fight for a cure, and has vowed that she will not stop until there is a cure!

Please consider making a donation today.